During the project, a training, custom-made for SMEs will be developed and tested. Later the course will be transfered to other EU Member States around the Baltic Sea. The course involves different sections, like Business English, International Management and training abroad in another country.

An amplified international activity is extremely important for skilled crafts and other SMEs of the Baltic Sea Region, to
- strengthen export and to increase sales
- establish Cross-border cooperation’s, reduce costs and safeguarding business successes
- achieve international exchange of innovations and create transfer.

For this reason, owners, managers and qualified employees need corresponding qualifications, international competence and experiences. Therefore
a) a continuous further education course shall be developed
- including international competences like business English, intercultural management, international business as well as a practical training abroad
- the specific needs and necessities of SMEs from the individual Baltic sea countries taken into account.
- using experiences, qualification constituents etc. on hand as well as Best Practise solutions from the Baltic sea countries
- ending with an official final examination
b) the developed further education course will be tested practically by a member organisation of the Hanseatic Parliament
c) the course concept with all required documents will then be distributed to all members of the Hanseatic Parliament, so that they can offer this course for a fee
- towards their member companies
- train further personnel and provide their member enterprises
with qualified staff.

Correspondingly the course focuses at the target groups:
• Owner of small and medium-sized enterprises
• Managers and qualified employees of small and medium-sized enterprises
• Younger qualified employees after graduation of the professional education
• Unemployed qualified employees who can improve their work market opportunities with these qualifications
• Qualified employees from other economic sectors who can find work in small and medium-sized enterprises with this additional qualification

By the practical training abroad of the participants, the international activity of the enterprises and cross-border contacts will be further developed as wel