The third workshop took place from  23- 24 August 2010 in Gdansk.

The workshops started at 1 p.m. on the 23rd of August 2010  in the premises of the Chamber of Handicrafts for SMEs:

Pomeranian Chamber of Handicrafts for SMEs
ul. Piwna 1/ 2, 80-831 Gdańsk

Please click here for Presentation (pdf file)


1. Welcome

2. Introduction and presentation of the aims and outputs
a) Importance of the foreign trade for SMEs and promoting measures
b) Development of the project, its aims and tasks
c) Partner structure, implementation, activities and results of the project

3. Information and discussion of experiences and results of the practical testing by the Chamber of Crafts in Schwerin
a) Advertising of participants and recruitment of the lecturers
b) Contents and modules of the further education course
c) Project work and excursion abroad
d) Participants evaluation and experiences

4. Information and discussion to experiences of an application in Poland by the Chamber of Crafts Szczecin

5. Coffee break

6. Experience exchange to final examinations at the further education courses generally as well as at this course particularly

7. Assessment of the course according to BSR QF

8. Distribution, presentation and discussion of the manual „Doing Business International“

9. Recommendations and experience exchange to the future application of the course
a) Planned use of the complete course as well as its single modules by the Chamber of Crafts Schwerin
b) Discussion of the application by the Chambers and Universities
c) Main issues and a state of a planned project of the Small business Chamber Warsaw
d) Main issues and a state of a planned project of the Istanbul University

10. Further development and transfer of the course after the project ends, securing of sustainability

11. Recommendations and experience exchange for the promotion of the SMEs
a) further education courses generally
b) international activities generally